Weave Diptych VI – Monotype and stencil print, cut paper, embroidery, collage, 20”x16”, 2019



My work is about interpreting the natural world in images on paper that bring new perspective to what we experience in life. For me, the work is realized when it transports you and me to an intangible, emotional, and sublime place. I feel accomplished when my work embodies a unique balance of control and serendipity.
I work on semi-objective approaches to image and color, many stemming from textile influences while often referencing or including handwritten words, landscape and botany.  I find tranquility in mark making and the visual result of that action. I enjoy working with a set structure such as a grid, matrix or type of mark and then exploring ways to apply the structure as a puzzle to be solved.  While my content remains generally abstract in nature, landscape as a compositional structure is most often on my mind. I enjoy comparing texture and pattern where they meet at an edge.  In general I am interested in all aspects of natural history and ecology and often these interests emerge in my work.